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We hold weekly group discussions in the school. A topic is chosen and children are divided into two groups to highlight the positive and negative aspects of the topic.

Group discussions can be a highly effective way of getting students to focus on all aspects of a specific topic and identify its pros and cons. It helps in improving the debating skills and enhances their capability to analyze. Group discussion is also a great way to get rid of stage fright and develop confidence. Children will learn how to speak in front of an audience from an early age.



We celebrate all national events and religious festivals in the school every year. Students participate in these celebrations with a high degree of enthusiasm.

Celebrations enhance the sense of patriotism and harmony among children of different religions and social background. We observe all major festivals and events every year to create a feeling of harmony and equivalence. These celebrations play a key role in the intellectual development of children as they experience the various shades and meanings associated with these events.



Fridays are reserved for News Round Up in the school. It is a much-awaited event as children are introduced to news and events of the week that has had a positive impact on the world.

News Round Up is what we deliver to our students every Friday. Our research team chooses the most important developments of the week from across the globe. Details are shared with students which help them gain awareness of the current events and happenings across the world. It is important to be aware of events that shape the global society that we live in. News Round Up helps us impart that knowledge to students in a readymade format.



Personality of the month is an idea that we have developed to make children aware of the famous personalities in various key disciplines from across the world. By focusing on prominent personalities every month, children can improve their general knowledge and also get inspired by these great achievers.

Every month, one newsmaker from any discipline such as social service, sports, science and technology, cinema, politics and others is chosen as personality of the month. Children can know about the achievements of that individual and get inspired by their actions and hard work. It also provides them the opportunity to learn more about inspiring global figures and their contribution to the society.


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