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Tender Hearts is an initiative that was created to provide a learning environment for children that could help their overall development and growth, and not just academically. Our philosophy is to remain sharply focused on nurturing values and imparting knowledge that can develop social-emotional and intellectual skills in every child. We make use of proven scientific systems and contemporary techniques to boost the physical and mental abilities of children.

Tender Hearts was launched in 2002 as a preschool. In 2013, we started classes for senior students as well. Our teaching methodology is based on a holistic approach that has been designed to be future-proof. Our curriculum takes into account the present and future needs of children and incorporates elements that can help in personality development and shaping of the careers of students.

We use a unique approach to impart knowledge which is different from the commonly used methods. Unlike most schools, we take into account aspects like career shaping and improve the knowledge base of students. It gives our students that much-needed competitive edge and provides them with a distinct advantage over others.

In today’s changing world, a conventional approach to education will not suffice. An innovative and modern approach is imperative to deal with the many challenges that children will be exposed to when they walk into the real world situation away from the cocooned protective environment of their home and school. An education plan that helps maximize the utility of thinking power and creative instincts can help children grow into successful and mature citizens.

We are passionate about teaching and that is the secret of our success. Our technology driven approach and modern learning support mechanism has helped us provide students with the perfect learning environment. At Tender Hearts, we don’t just provide education. Our endeavor is to make the journey from school to real life, from childhood to adolescence, a truly enriching, enjoyable, and rewarding one.

Our Aim

We have a different approach to teaching because we do not just want to impart academic knowledge to our students but also ensure their overall development. While textbook knowledge will help them grow as a student, our focus on other development activities will prepare them for the future when they step out in the real world. The entire focus of our education methodology is to make the students of today, mature and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Here’s what we aim to do to achieve our objectives:

  • To ensure that children develop an independent thought process through knowledge acquisition
  • To ensure all-round improvement of every student in every sphere
  • To create an environment of gender equality and ensure respect for all religions
  • To prepare children for various challenges that they are bound to face as adults
  • To create an efficient and rewarding education system that offers physical strength and mental fitness
  • To provide professional quality counseling at every stage of the child’s growth and development
  • To provide personalized attention to the individual needs of every childs
  • To build awareness in children about health, hygiene, and fitness
  • To make children aware of their social and other responsibilities


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