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Tender Hearts is one of the top primary schools in Patna, offering a well-structured curriculum and the perfect learning environment for kids who are just beginning their academic life. With our bright classrooms and cheerful learning atmosphere, children are provided the motivation to make a great start to their school life.

Children Are At The Center of All Our Activities

At Tender Hearts, we want to put children at the core of everything that we do. Our Mission is to make sure that every child in our institution is nurtured and taken care of in the best possible manner. Our expert teachers spend time with the kids to understand them better and discover the skills that they are adept at so that they can be encouraged to become better in their areas of specialization with time.

Our curriculum provides wonderful opportunities for children to sharpen their creative instincts and develop a broader vision. We maintain a favorable teacher-student ratio in all our classes to provide personalized attention to each and every student in our academy. With our unique and specialized learning methods and tools, children can achieve their best and remain in a highly motivated state.

Tender Hearts ranks among the best primary schools because:

  • We utilize innovative teaching methods to make learning interesting
  • Education is imparted through a fine mix of both classroom theory and project practical
  • We place a strong emphasis on understanding and application
  • Our teachers are highly competent and well-trained to deliver education of the highest quality
  • We conduct regular parent-teacher meetings

Why Parents Trust Us With Their Kids

There are a host of other aspects that make us the preferred choice of parents looking for the best academy for their children. We make sure that the tender hearts and young minds entrusted to us are properly and carefully nurtured so that they grow up to become responsible, knowledgeable and caring citizens of tomorrow.