Admissions are now open to all classes for the year 2020-21. Rush now to give your child a great head start!



Tender Hearts is one of the best schools in Patna and acknowledged by parents and academicians as the ideal education academy for young, growing minds.

Empowering Children With Innovative Teaching Methods

The program and curriculum at our school have been carefully designed to provide children the best environment and opportunity to develop their intellect so that they can gain knowledge in a systematic and structured manner. We firmly believe that wisdom can be gained through increased awareness. This will also help kids in making the best use of their skills and abilities for overall growth and development.

Tender Hearts takes pride in our academy’s ability to develop students who are active, supremely confident and have a positive approach. Our experienced teachers and support staff members are committed to nurturing these young minds by correctly identifying their individual capabilities and channelizing their energies and skills in the appropriate direction.

Creating the Right Opportunities For Optimized Learning

At Tender Hearts, students learn how to develop positive relationships with staff and fellow students based on mutual trust. We strive to make them, not only academically competent but also help develop their personality to become successful and confident citizens of the country tomorrow. Understanding their potential and creating the right platform to nurture those abilities is what we excel in. Our students will not only pursue self-improvement and focus on personal achievement but will also realize the importance of appreciating others as well.

Tender Hearts is the best option for your child because:

  • We provide best quality education through highly competent teachers
  • We have smart classes that deliver digitized content
  • Apart from academics, we also focus on sports and health
  • We use creative methods to ensure that students are actively engaged

When you choose Tender Hearts as the institution for educating your child, you are taking that important first step towards providing them the opportunities they need to develop and nurture their inherent skills and abilities. Our experts also readily provide the right impetus to help them become the best in their area or subject of specialization.